Passport to Safe Driving

passport to safe drivingPassport to Safe Driving

A toolkit for teens and parents
Driving tips including talking points for teen drivers and adults to help teach student drivers proper driver safety. The QR codes found within the toolkit link you to even more information. We’ve included a helpful “notes” section to keep track of how many hours your student driver has driven, weather conditions, situations encountered, and any comments you may want to discuss with a student driver, parent, etc.

Order a hard-copy of the Passport to Safe Driving

*While supplies last, or contact us to customize with your company/state logo.

Spread the Word about Safe Driving in Your School

Enter one of our Contests
NRSF has many contests that you and your friends/class can enter. Some are locally based and some are national - all are a lot of fun and give you the opportunity to reach your peers throughout the United States with your message about being safe on our roads. Watch the video below about tips on how to create a successful PSA.

Safety Day/Pledge Day
Ask your teacher to help you plan a day to share safe driving messages and materials. You can also post a large banner or sheet that students can use to sign a pledge to be safe drivers.

Design Posters
Make posters with safe driving messages and images to hang in hallways, parking lots and other creative places around your school.

Club Meetings
Find peers with similar concerns and gather at lunch to discuss strategies to organize a club. Ask your principal or guidance counselor for advice. See how many people will want to participate!

spread the word to your friendsSpread the Word to Your Friends

Social Network Posts
Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks to post safe driving messages and contest information to share with friends and get them involved.

YouTube Links
Load NRSF PSAs (Public Service Announcements) and/or films to bring safe driving awareness to those you care about.

Have you tried any of these ideas?
If you have, email us your ideas and tell us how they worked out. We might feature you in our newsletter to help Spread the Word!